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Astrology Moonbeam Bracelet


Astrology Moonbeam Bracelet 

Thank you for tuning into your greatness through Astrology! The Astrology Moon Beam Bracelet is created to honor the essence of all the planetary energies associated with the Moon. Every stone is handpicked by the channeled energy of the Moon, North Node, South Node, Black Moon Lilith and Neptune. Each stone is energetically charged. 

Inspired by my obsession with Astrology, the Astrology Moon Beam bracelet created itself in a magical moment of the creative birthing process. Astrology Moon Beam energy is honored and expressed through your highest intention. Thank you for being a light body and a beautiful Soul on this planet at this time! 

Blessings, Love, and Light ~ Maggie

Moonstone -  Moon - your inner world, feelings, intuition, and the sub-conscious mind Moonstone - intuition, emotions, receptivity, feelings

Owyhee Blue Opal -the unseen world, spiritual guides, strong celestial energies are received to build communication with the spiritual world.

Silver Circle Beads - the pure silver grounds this vibration to the physical plane and the circular shape reveals the eternal nature of all things, we are one.

Aquamarine - connects to the deep waters of the sea, courage and trust to let go, fearlessness in surrender


North Node - fulfillment for soul growth, what you strive for, life lesson

Turquoise - protection, strength, hope, good fortune

South Node - strengths you brought with you into this lifetime, what is familiar, talents
Coral - wisdom, immortality, nourishment, joy, prosperity

White Sea Shell - the star of the sea, illumination, emissions of spiritual light, strong will and strength.


Black Moon Lilith - dark side, subconscious, what is hidden and sacred
Snowflake Obsidian - brings feelings to the surface, see the light in the darkness

Neptune - psychic feelings, illusion, compassion and spiritual understanding
Lapis Lazuli- dreams, insight, psychic abilities, inner vision

Mother of Pearl - intuition, psychic sensitivity, imagination, prosperity, grace, elegance, brings in the power of the sea

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