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Healing Arts Practitioner

Are you tired of hurting?   Do you want to change a pattern?
Just imagine being held in a fluid space of compassion where you are protected, loved and can heal body, mind, and spirit in deep relaxation and trust. Maggie uses energy modalities, such as Jin Shin Jyutsu, Craniosacral Therapy, and Remote Healing in her private practice in Phoenix, Arizona. In her healing work with all animals, she uses Jin Shin Jyutsu. Maggie is also a Canine Massage Provider but she does not provide Massage Therapy for humans or other animals.


Jin Shin Jyutsu

Jin Shin Jyutsu is an ancient Art of harmonizing life energy in the body. It brings balance to the body’s energies promoting optimal health and well-being and facilitates our own innate healing capacity.


Craniosacral Therapy

​Craniosacral Therapy with a biodynamic approach is a gentle and subtle healing modality that works with the Central Nervous System, brain and spinal cord, as well as the cerebrospinal fluid that bathes it. It is a whole body approach that releases tensions deep in the body, allowing it to relax, and enhances the body’s own ability to heal.


Remote Healing

Remote Healing is a type of energy work that utilizes focus, intention and sending energy. Energy is not bound by time, space and the physical world. Even physical manifestations have a vibration in their molecular structure which we call energy. 


Jin Shin Jyutsu for Your Animal Companion

Jin Shin Jyutsu can be used with your animal companions as well as people.  All living creatures are made up of energy pathways and circulation patterns.  Blockages in these pathways can lead to dis-ease and disharmony.  Jin Shin Jyutsu for animals releases this tension allowing for increased wellness, ease of movement, and vitality.  


Canine Massage Provider

The benefits of massage are vast. Regular massage treatments can improve the general wellbeing for your dog on every level. Whether they are healthy and active or healing from a surgery or injury, massage is catered to the specific dog and the dog’s needs and requirements.​

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