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Craniosacral Therapy with a Biodynamic Perspective

Craniosacral Therapy with a biodynamic approach is a gentle and subtle healing modality that works with the Central Nervous System, brain and spinal cord, as well as the cerebrospinal fluid that bathes it. It is a whole body approach that releases tensions deep in the body, allowing it to relax, and enhances the body’s own ability to heal. Craniosacral Therapy works on a profound level to support healthful changes in all the body’s systems including the nervous system, circulatory system and musculoskeletal system.


Craniosacral Therapy practitioners make very light contact on the body and listen to the expression of health within the fluid body. Just imagine your practitioner holding a fluid space from their heart center, a space where you are protected, loved and allowed to find your own healing as you slowly descend into the profound waters of who you are in deep relaxation and trust.

​A Craniosacral Therapy session lasts an hour to ninety minutes and does not involve massage or use of substances.  It is a gentle, yet powerful healing art where the practitioner gently and subtly places her hands to move with the fluid body.  The practitioner holds this fluid space and supports your system in its ebbs and flows as it seeks stillness, unwinds and reorganizes to its natural tide and rhythm. Areas of the spine, sacrum and head are typically held with fluid hands.  The practitioner may also hold other areas of the body such as ankles and shoulders.  In a holistic approach, everything is connected to the whole system so the practitioner can easily access this fluid body on any area of the body.

For Your Session

Please dress comfortably.  I suggest you eat lightly (at least an hour or more) before your session.
One hour session ~ $75
90 minute session ~ $100
90 minute Jin Shin Jyutsu & Craniosacral ~ $100

Please book your appointment by phone or text.

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