This Astrology class is designed to take a beginning student of Astrology through the many layers of the signs of the zodiac, planets, and house placements.  Understand yourself and others with a great foundation of Astrology.  At the end of class you will be able to look at a chart and interpret the relationship of all the planets, signs and the houses that they are located in. 


We meet on Zoom on Wednesday evenings. If you are unable to attend, you will be able to watch the recording afterwards.


Jan 25, 2023 5:00-7:00 pm  PT (6:00-8:00 MST)

Feb 1, 2023  5:00-7:00 pm PT (6:00-8:00 MST)

Feb 8, 2023  5:00-7:00 pm PT (6:00-8:00 MST)

Feb 15, 2023  5:00-7:00 pm PT (6:00-8:00 MST)

Feb 22, 2023  5:00-7:00 pm PT (6:00-8:00 MST)

March 1, 2023  5:00-7:00 pm PT (6:00-8:00 MST)


The class is $333 or for $25/month you can become a Psychic Evolution Mystery School Member and this class is included. To become a member of our Mystery School, please join at