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Shadow & Light Integration Message

How are you integrating the shadow and the light? 

  • The shadow card deals with energies that are hidden from our normal perspective. In the shadow, you may find hidden strengths, unseen fears, or energies that have not yet come fully into the light of consciousnes

  • The light card deals with energies of your greatness, your potential and where you shine into the world. 

  • The integration card is how you are integrating the shadow and the light. How can you unify who you are and claim the wisdom that you hold within?

  • The gift card is an energetic gift from the Universe to help you integrate and blend the shadow and the light.

  • The focus card is your I AM presence

Maggie audio records her channeled message for your Shadow & Light Integration. This is anywhere in between 10-20 minutes, depending on the channeled information. The audio is emailed as an mp3 audio file within 7 days of purchase. She will also email a pic of your Tarot spread. This is not a one-on-one reading where we need to set up an appointment.

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