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Thank you for tuning into your greatness through Astrology! This necklace is handmade specifically for your Astrological Natal Chart based on your date of birth, place of birth and exact time of birth. At the time of your first breath, you incarnated onto this beautiful planet, Earth, and it is my belief that you chose your time of birth. And what an amazing job you did!!! 


This necklace reflects your Blueprint from the Cosmic Celestial Bodies of energy in our Solar System, the Planets in their Zodiac signs. It is one of kind and based “Soul-ly" on your unique energy signature. Each planet has a corresponding gemstone to reflect the energy essence of the planet and how it can harmonize the planetary energies in your astrological makeup. 


The necklace is that of the Spiritual Warrior and will descend on the mid-line of the body from the Throat Chakra down to the Solar Plexus Chakra. The mid-line is considered the “core” of who you are and this necklace is created to always bring you back to your center. The Throat Chakra helps you to find your voice and express your creativity into the world, communicating who you truly are. The Heart Chakra helps you to give and receive love and to express who you are in the world. The Solar Plexus Chakra is how you identify who you are and where you discover your power. There are 11 gemstones to activate the number “11” which reflects a Master Number, that of the Spiritual Warrior.


All the stones in the "Fully Charged" Spiritual Warrior Astrology Necklace are made from gemstones.


The Spiritual Warrior Astrology Necklace is created so that your energy is honored in the center of your being and expressed through  your highest intention. Thank you for being a light body and a beautiful Soul on this planet at this time! 

Blessings, Love, and Light ~ Maggie

Fully Charged Spiritual Warrior Astrology Necklace

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Please let me know if you have a small or large neck so that I can customize the size. Thank you!

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