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Ostara’s Astrology Charm


Thank you for tuning into your greatness through Astrology! This charm is handmade specifically for your Astrological Natal Chart based on your date of birth, place of birth and exact time of birth. At the time of your first breath, you incarnated onto this beautiful planet, Earth, and it is my belief that you chose your time of birth. And what an amazing job you did!!! 


This charm reflects your Blueprint from the Cosmic Celestial Bodies of energy in our Solar System, the Planets in their Zodiac signs. It is one of kind and based “Soul-ly" on your unique energy signature. Each planet has a corresponding gemstone to reflect the energy essence of the planet and how it can harmonize the planetary energies in your astrological makeup. 


Ostara’s Charms are made to bring life to the energy of your cosmic Astrology Natal Chart. Ostara is a holiday that welcomes the Vernal Equinox as we celebrate the first day of spring. The Zodiac signs begin with Aries on this very day. This necklace has twelve stones to celebrate the 12 months, the 12 Zodiac signs, and the 12 thoracic vertebrae in your spine. Your spine is an energetic source of energy that correlates to all the energy in your body here on Earth. 


Ostara’s Astrology Charms are created so that your energy is honored during all phases of the year and through all signs of the Zodiac. They are meant to hang on your wall, your rearview mirror, or anyplace that you would like to charge the energy of an environment with your amazing essence. This charm is created to hold the vibration of your Cosmic Blueprint and holds the  frequency of your essence, expressed through your highest intention. 

Thank you for being a light body and a beautiful Soul on this planet at this time! 

Blessings, Love, and Light ~ Maggie

Ostara's Astrology Charm

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