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White Wolf Bracelet


The Story of the White Wolf Bracelet 

Thank you for tuning into your greatness through Astrology! The White Wolf Bracelet is created to honor the essence of the teachings of the White Wolf.  Every stone is handpicked by the channeled energy of the teacher and the wolf. Each stone is energetically charged. 

Inspired by my multidimensional friend, Terri, the White Wolf bracelet created itself in a magical moment of the creative birthing process. White Wolf energy is honored and expressed through your highest intention. Thank you for being a light body and a beautiful Soul on this planet at this time! 

Blessings, Love, and Light ~ Maggie

White Sea Shell - Born in the dawn, the sea is still and peaceful and the fading lights of the star of the sea illuminates the White Wolf as she stands to embody this emission of spiritual light. She strengthens her willpower and connects to the natural world.

Aquamarine - The White Wolf takes this first star light from the Sea Shell and connects to the deep waters of the sea. She discovers the courage and trust to let go through the Aquamarine. Here, she finds her fearlessness which serves as her main protection. She is now ready to embrace the true freedom of the divine feminine empowerment energy.

Moonstone - The moon is still visible on the horizon and she connects to the Divine Feminine, her intuition, emotions, receptivity, and her natural feelings with grace and ease. She has the freedom here to let go of anything she chooses and to receive every blessing in the natural world.

Black Tourmalated Moonstone - The White Wolf becomes a powerful conductor of clean energy from moon. She grounds this energy and solidifies her Soul purpose to her pack, her soul tribe and commits to teach the blessings of the feminine so that her teachings are forever connected in the hearts of her family.

Lapis Lazuli- White Wolf comes to you in your dreams to amplify insight and psychic abilities. She receives an inner vision that she will bring back to her pack and her family. It is a mystical and magical vision of what it means to roam free in a tribe - how to be a unique wolf in a pack. When she howls through Lapis Lazuli, her vision is felt.

Rose shaped metal beads - Within the depths of the White Wolf, the rose symbolizes her ancient teachings to the path of the priestess and the honoring of the moon.

May your White Wolf always be free to roam in the multidimensional facets of life experiences while maintaining and supporting family.

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