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 Archangel Raphael & Green Tara Healing 


I have been an energy worker since 1994 when my kundalini was activated. I was blessed to find a mentor who I worked with for 16 years studying spirituality, astrology, tarot, and energy healing. My mentor was also a trance-channel and he would channel guides, angels, and ascended masters. On many occasions, I have had the pleasure of meeting Archangel Raphael through my mentor, Marion. Recently, Raphael has offered to work with me to explore and deepen my energetic healing work.

I have also been shown by my Spirit Team that the flames of healing have been activated in the palms of my hands with a beautiful rich burgundy color - which is the color I learned to heal with from Marion - and a golden white flame in the other palm. 

Green Tara

In 2021, I created an altar for Green Tara as part of my studies in the Divine Feminine. Through a series of dream time and awake time visits from Green Tara, I wish to share some of the healing wisdom that was shared with me. 

During one of the visits, Green Tara taught me how to work within the cosmic egg of All That Is. It is similar to the big Breath of Life as referred in Jin Shin Jyutsu. She showed me how to energetically palpate the field within the cosmic egg to encourage healing through the "Return to Wholeness." She shared with me a way to multi-dimensionally sense energy dynamics within the auric field.

Green Tara also instructed me to work on my own Chakra system, to move energy. She guided me to use self-help Jin Shin Jyutsu flows. And she used what I have already studied about Quantum healing to help guide my own healing.

It is through the wisdom of Marion, Archangel Raphael, Green Tara, and my Spirit team that I have created an exploratory healing session. I open up during the healing session to channeling energy from Raphael, Green Tara, my healing guides and by invitation - your healing guides. 

This is not a healing modality that I have been taught. Every session is unique and different and created to follow the flow and instruction from Spirit. The sessions are like a guided imagery meditation.

I am still practicing my channeling daily and I would be honored if you feel drawn to experiencing an energy that is guided by intuition, messages from Spirit and thirty years of experience with energetic healing.

Because this is exploratory in my work as well, I am making these sessions very affordable, $33. The sessions can be done in person or on Zoom. Plan on 30 minutes a session.

All in person sessions must be booked by either email, text or phone. 

"It felt like an activation as well as a glimpse of the expansiveness of my being. My soul essence, the eternity of who I am and always have been. I felt a huge amount of endless love but also that I was that love (not from an egotistical point of view) but that was my soul essence and the extent of all that is,  it was so vast. I was so vast. 


I felt I connected  into the depths of the earth and expanding into the cosmos. I loved expanding up here it was timeless and so beautiful. Colours of pinks and purples. It felt like where I belong, come from and have also been. 


Im sure I haven’t captured the fullness of what I was shown and felt! 


Thank you once again for facilitating this beautiful session. You have a beautiful gift." ~ Jo 

Alexa Young, CA

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