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Maggie Clark
igniting the flame of higher wisdom


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Meet Maggie

Maggie Clark is the Co-Host of the Podcast, Psychic Evolution and the Co-Host of the Podcast, The Goddess, The Witch & The Womb. She is a respected Tarotist who has been reading Tarot since 1994. As a Spiritual Coach, she uses her background in Metaphysics, Astrology and Energy Healing to ignite the flame of higher wisdom in others. Maggie is committed to helping people find a way to blend their spiritual life with their everyday life for empowerment, healing, and growth. Transform your life so that you can fulfill your Soul purpose and be happy!


I am a podcast Host of two amazing Podcasts to help activate and 
Ignite the Flame of Higher Wisdom
within who you are and to discover how to BE the best YOU possible!

Psychic Evolution

Discover the Psychic potential within and learn how to empower yourself and manifest your Psychic and Mediumship abilities.

Your Psychic senses are so natural they are super-natural!!!
Join the Evolution and find your inner beauty to heal and your inner light to shine!

The Goddess, The Witch & The Womb

Reclaim your divine feminine birthright and heal with ancestral wisdom, self-love, and sacred sexuality.

Tarot Workshop

Learn about “The Fool’s Journey” of the Major Arcana in the Tarot. Numbers, elements and archetype images are explored. How have you been experiencing the Tarot in your life? Get started learning about the ancient divinatory wisdom held within the Tarot Cards. This class is designed for all levels of experience with the Tarot, from beginner to master. 

Where: Dimensions of Heaven & Earth

11108 N. Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd., #E-16

Scottsdale, Arizona 85259

When: Saturday, January 28 from 1:00-4:00 pm