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Unless otherwise specified, Maggie will read your Natal Chart. This is the energy signature you are born with. You chose the date of your birth, the time of your birth and the place of your birth which determines your Astrological profile. Learn about who you are and how you can move all this energy to the highest frequency and perfect expression. If you are new to astrology, this is where you should start.


Contact me if you have any questions and please specify in an email or text if you would like the focus on something else such as the following:


Solar Return - Each year, your Solar Return is the return of the exact degree of your Sun sign at the time of your birth. The Solar Return is a picture of where all the planets are in the current time and year. This gives you new energies to work with during this next year. Find out what your Solar Return has to say for your birthday and what energies help to govern this year for you.


Transiting Planets - Where are the planets in the sky now transiting over your natal chart. What aspects are they making to your personal natal planets? 


Compatibility - This is a comparison between you and another person. You may specify if you would like the emphasis to be on friendship, work relationships or partners (such as romantic, marriage, etc…)


Maggie audio records her channeled message for your Spiritual Astrology Reading. This is anywhere in between 45-60 minutes. The audio is emailed with the download link within 7 days of purchase. You will also receive a report and a wheel with this purchase which is also emailed with the audio recording.


Make sure Maggie has the following information (you can email her at or text this to her at 928-710-6674):

Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:
Exact time of Birth (no guesses):

If you do not know your exact time of birth, please do not order, Thank you!

Spiritual Astrology Reading

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