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Abundant Leopard Bracelet

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The Story of the Abundant Leopard Bracelet 

Thank you for tuning into your greatness through Astrology and the Spirit Totem Animal medicine of the Abundant Leopard! The Abundant Leopard Bracelet is created to honor the essence of the leopard when she is thriving in her full glory. Every stone is handpicked by the channeled energy of the Leopard and each stone is energetically charged. 

Inspired by working with large cat medicine during ceremony and ritual, the Abundant Leopard Bracelet created itself in a magical moment of the creative birthing process. Abundant Leopard energy is honored and expressed through your highest intention. Thank you for being a light body and a beautiful Soul on this planet at this time! 

Blessings, Love, and Light ~ Maggie


Leopard Agate - The Leopard strides confidently in her life accepting the oneness she experiences with the natural world. All illusion of separation falls away as she she heals with honesty her ability to create and to manifest. 

Lepidolite - She connects to her ancestors with the richness of the grandmother stone, creating space for nurturing and peace. She balances body, mind, and spirit with this calming energy.

Red Tiger’s Eye - The Red Tiger Eye builds confidence and increases your connection to your vital life force energy, your vitality and your passion. You resource yourself and creatively strengthen all of who you are.

Citrine - Citrine represents the sheen on the coat of the Leopard and shines light in the darkness. The Leopard’s magic is enhanced from the light of Citrine and imbues the wearer with abundance, wealth and good vibes.

Leopard Agate - The Leopard returns to the oneness she experiences with the natural world. In harmony with All That Is, she she owns her ability to create and to manifest.

Rhodonite - The Leopard follows through every movement with compassion and emotional balance. She clears away emotional wounds and scars from the past so that she can nurture abundant love.

Silver Beads - the pure silver grounds this vibration to the physical plane and the cube shape reveals to the leopard the foundation needed to manifest.

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