Who Are You Now?

Monthly Spiritual Coaching Sessions on Zoom


Plan on rescheduling your upcoming appointments during your first coaching session with me.


The "Who Are You Now" spiritual coaching program delves deeply into you discovering yourself through your Astrological profile. If you want to explore the depths of your astrological profile, make this year long commitment to discovering how each zodiac sign, planetary influence and house placement create the energetic blueprint of self-discovery. 


Included with this package will be your Natal Report, Solar Return and 12 months of transits.


Each session is 60-90 minutes.


I focus on healing and self empowerment in all my sessions. I am committed to helping you find a way to blend your spiritual life with your every day life. As a Spiritual Coach, I help you to find a way to use your own spiritual belief system to be applicable in your life for empowerment, healing, and growth. Transform your life so that you can fulfill your Soul purpose and be happy!

  • Who Are You Now?

    Every month
    Commit to yourself for one year & awaken into your astrology
    Valid for 12 months
    • Who Are You Now?